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Bray is a villain who appears as the secondary antagonist in the four-part arc, The Return of Tambelon. He is Grogar's most loyal henchman but he does makes mistakes sometimes. Bray is voiced by the legendary Frank Welker.

Bio Edit

Bray is a sneering donkey-like creature, who first appeared delivering the unicorns their disgusting meal and then reports to Grogar, the Ruler of Tambelon, Megan has seen in her dreams. He is always loyal to Grogar but sometimes getting scolded by him when he makes mistakes. He was sent back to the Realm of Darkness alongside Grogar at the end of the episode.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown how Bray and Grogar first met or how he became his most loyal hencman and second-in command of his Troggle army.

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