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My little husky Welcome to my little husky for girls. We are very excited on starting this cartoon the mane characters are - Shiloh the timid and shy one- kira who is 20 percent cooler - Oakley the leader of the mane character- Memphis the funny and with sence of humour -and norah the husky who is a lil into harvesting the fruit. Now let me tell you about the mane characters starting with not forget shelby the husky who is very fashionable and generous


Shiloh is a female Siberian husky in the mane six. She is a kind Siberian and a is very timid and shy . Although she is a scaredy cat behaviour she still will not let her friends down . She is very likeable in gone to the snow dogs and popular. She takes care of the animals and loves them. She represents kindness.


Kira is a female Siberian husky. She is a tomboy in the episodes of My little husky. When she did her super barkboom it made Shiloh cry. It also made Memphis go extra crazy. And even ruined shelby' new look. Kira can be a little bossy at times when her friends do not like what she is doing. The good thing is that she is also very loyal to her friends and everyone . She represents loyalty .


Shelby is a female Siberian husky . She is a fashionable Siberian husky and is also pretty popular in the mane six like Shiloh is. She has a discust in animals so if an animal comes to her she would give it a makeover. She is Shiloh's best friend in the mane six. She is very genonrous to other huskies and not greedy. She represents generosity.


Memphis is a female Siberian husky in the mane six. She can be very funny and cheerful . She can sometimes be annoying towards Oakley and kira. She has a big appetite in candy and other sweets and treats. Memphis laughs louder than other huskies . She is known to be very cheery to other huskies. When it comes to parties Memphis is like Wooooo FUN !!! Shiloh celebrates with a silent yay... Shelby celebrates with a woo hoo ! Kira celebrates by saying a loud AWESOME!!! Memphis represents laughter.


Oakley is a Siberian husky. She is very inteligent and abit bossy with kira. She can sometimes shout at Shiloh and it makes her cry when animals are not needed for the schedule. Shelby can have great respect for Oakley. She can be bossy at times with Norah the husky. The good thing about her is that she is a clever husky and a great leader. She represents inteligence.


Norah is a female Siberian husky. She can have arguments with kira at times. She always tells the truth to other huskies. She can be imperative with Shiloh at times but the good thing is that she is also greatful to shelby. She never lies to anyone . She represents honesty. If you liked me introducing the mane charcters to you you will be obsessed by then

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