Ponies are the horse-like inhabitants of Ponyland, distinguished from ordinary horses by their ability to talk and by various other features.

Types of ponyEdit

Earth poniesEdit

Earth ponies are the most similar ponies to regular horses.


Pegasi are ponies that have feathered wings, which enables them to fly through the air alone or to carry passengers.


Unicorns possess horns that emerge from their foreheads, which enable them to cast magic. Various unicorns possess different magical abilities, while all having the common ability to "wink out," in which they disappear from one location and reappear in another.

Sea poniesEdit

These ponies are reminiscent of sea horses but with the heads and size of other pony varieties. They can breathe underwater and assist others in making their way over or through it.

Flutter poniesEdit

The Flutter ponies are similar to Pegasi, but possess wings like those of butterflies rather than feathered wings. They are also possessed of powerful magic, capable of unleashing strong winds against enemies.