The Seaponies are brightly colored seahorse-like creatures who dwell in the rivers and lakes of Dream Valley. They love underwater polo and can perform elaborate songs and dance numbers. They were first released in 1983 and only appeared in the two Generation 1 Specials. The Seaponies are based on the Hippocamp, a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology. A sub-line of the Seaponies called Baby Seaponies debuted later in 1985 and later in My Little Pony: The Movie,renamed to Hippogriffs, with Seaponies being another form of them.

Rescue at Midnight Castle Edit

The Seaponies First appeared in the Pilot episode called Rescue at Midnight Castle. The Seaponies save Megan and Applejack from the sea while singing "The Seaponies Song (also credited as Seaponies and Call upon the Seaponies."

The 3 Lead Ponies, Seawinkle, Sealight and Wavedancer help the 2 while singing about if and when they needed their help again.

Seawinkle Edit

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