Tambelon is a dark, medieval looking city ruled over by Grogar and once home to the Troggles in My Little Pony 'n Friends.


Roughly five hundred years Megan Williams befriended the ponies of Ponyland, Tambelon was sent to the realm of darkness, imprisoning its population of Troggles, Grogar, and his servant Bray in that dimension. By employing the Troggles as minions and slaves, Grogar was able to reconstruct an ancient bell that enabled him to begin returning Tambelon to Ponyland. He was able to capture a number of unicorns in the process, as their magical ability of "winking out" caused them to appear in Tambelon as it made its way back. Ribbon, one of those abducted, managed to contact Megan in a dream and pass her a message about Tambelon. Unfortunately, the city soon returned to Ponyland, and Grogar's forces set about capturing the ponies.

Though Megan, her brother Danny and sister Molly, and a handful of ponies eluded Grogar's forces, they were eventually imprisoned in Tambelon as well. During a search of the city prior to this, they discovered the ancient bell, and Paradise eventually recalled that the bell had to be rung to destroy Grogar's powers. Aided by Troggles who had rebelled against Grogar, the ponies and their human friends managed to escape. They then succeeded in evacuating the city and ringing the bell, destroying it and sending the city back into the realm of darkness. Without a force of slaves to help Grogar, the ponies were confident it would be a long time before anyone would have to worry abut him again.


  • The story of Tambelon is somewhat similar to that of the G4 location of the Crystal Empire, which was a city that disappeared after being enslaved by a tyrant. However, where Tambelon was sent back to where it had been banished in the past, the Crystal Empire was instead liberated from its dark ruler.